Month: September 2013

Office move complete.

Me outside our new building

At 4pm on Sunday, I called Jo (the amazing project manager) to give her that days update on IT progress.

She advised me that the project phase was now complete, and that we had moved to BAU (business as usual, technical support etc).

And that was it. After 3 and a half years of planning and hard work, the project is complete.

The new network, servers, phone system, wireless infrastructure and hundreds of other things are all complete.

Probably the greatest technical achievement of my career, and its now complete.

A strange feeling really, much like completing the blue list on Table mountain.

I’m elated, but at the same time disappointed.

The project has been a significant part of my life for 3 and a half years (and completely taken my life over for the last 7 weeks).

Now its finished, and life will return to normal.


I had a few drinks and dinner. I decided not to fully celebrate then.

If we could get through the first day of BAU, without significant event, then my work would have been a success.

Monday was hectic, but we got through it, and everything was fine.

Markus was visiting from Steafa to help with the move, so together with Adam and Dan, we went out for a few pints and a curry.

A brilliant night out.

What am I feeling right now ?

Gratitude. I’d like to thank the following people:

Dan & Adam, my team in the UK

Markus, Gerry, Ed and Sven from our head office in Steafa

Steve the facilities manager

Andy and Craig from WTL

Rick and the crew from CE services

Sion, Graham, Mike from Damovo

Vaughn from Rawson Digital

Gary from Insight

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you reading this.

I haven’t updated this site, nor been in touch with many of my friends for the past 7 weeks.

Life gets back to normal now and I’ll be in touch with everyone soon.