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Cairns (2/3)

 roots An amazing fact I found out, is that the roots of trees, do not grow bellow the ground in the rainforest.This tree, for example is actually growing in sand. It would be possible theoretically, to construct a rainforest in a car park, if it was hot and the air was moist enough.
The famous “wait a while vine”. It grows with prickly stalks that fasten to other plants and pull it skyward, so it can gain access to the sun.They can be used for water, but if the prickly part catches on your clothing, you should stop and carefully remove it, rather than continuing. That’s where it gets its name. waitawhile
 snake Back to Habitat, a small child plays with a snake. I loved the way the Australians were so in tune with nature.Daintree School had actually written to the American Space Program and asked them if spiders could make webs in space.They actually sent specimens of spiders from the Daintree into space to answer the children’s question. Yes, they can.
I have never been interested in diving, but once on the reef, I decided to go at it with Frank (who loves the sport).Unfortunately, I should have prepared, and had real difficulties, which resulted in me getting out of the water and not completing the dive.It was a low point on the trip for me, but at least I had a go.  diving2
 diver_fish Frank diving in the reef with tropical fish (a few of them bit him !).There was a viewing area near the diving centre.
 Some reef coral from the viewing area.  coral1
 sub  Another lifelong ambition, to travel in a submarine !
 Inside the submersible, it was a bit cramped, but the view was amazing.  inside_sub
 copter Travelling from the quicksilver pontoon, to where the helicopter I had booked for a trip across the reef.