Month: March 2015

Its that time again.


Ok, when my dining table looks like this, it can mean only one thing

Yes, with the arrival of late march, its adventure season once again (and my adventure gear is out of the cupboard and being prep’d for action).

I’ve done loads of cool things recently which I wanted to write about, but there just wasn’t time to update (much as I’d like to have done).

Updates will follow shortly (I’ll be taking my laptop away with me, to catch up while travelling.

Nikki’s going ski-ing for a week with 2 of our friends, so that gives me the opportunity to do 2 “rough” trips, we couldn’t really do together.

This weekend I’m off to Buxton where I’ll walk to Hartington hall youth hostel for the first night, then walk back and camp at Cold springs farm for the 2nd (I stayed there frequently as a teenager).

Following weekend, I’m away in Snowdon, and staying at the Snowdon Ranger hostel with my friends Dave and Sam, hopefully completing the Watkin path, and succeeding in last years goal of walking every route up Snowdon.

Weekend after that, Nikki is back, and we have 4 days in the Brecon beacons, doing some iconic mountain walks there with Sue, Aled and various other friends from the walking group.

Overseas projects are already booked for Albania, Corfu and Bruges, with a couple of others in the pipeline.

If you haven’t got anything planned at the moment, feel free to join me, or get cracking and organise something. Adventure won’t wait forever.

Near and far, the search for adventures continues…