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Visiting Gibraltar on the way to Morocco.

medave I decided to attend a Desert survival course, run by Survival school.

We flew Luton to Gibraltar in order to get the ferry across to Africa.

The plane comes in quite low over water, during the landing.

I don’t fly very well, and was a little unnerved by this, although the view was excellent.

road Because Gibraltar is quite small, the runway isn’t permanent.

A road running through Gibraltar has to be closed each time a plane comes in to Land.

A Picture of the famous Rock.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get time to walk to the top (well we did on the way back, but after 10 days in Africa we chose to have fish and chips and a few pints instead).

winston I really liked Gibraltar.

It was like being in Britain, but with Spanish weather.

The people there, were also extremely patriotic, the main street in Gibraltar is named after Britain’s greatest “son”.

On the way out, we walk from Gibraltar in Spain.

It was weird landing in one country, then walking only 200 metres to the customs and emigration of another.