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Visit to the famous Amster Damm (where it gets its name). No weed, and a sickeningly authentic steak house.

street Back in the days before Liverpool Airport was done up. (ie, When you could get a cheap pint before your flight, and something non-pretentious to eat !) I set off, with Easyjet, to visit Amsterdam.I’d visited Amsterdam for an afternoon while interailing some years before, but never “overnighted” there.I had heard lots of things about Amsterdam ( The usual “bike shed” conversations about prostitution and the “how hard am I” nonsense about weed) mostly that it was very modern and laid back.
I visited the famous port, where Amsterdam gets its name.There was a really interesting ship museum.I really loved wandering around, and all the people I met were friendly. port
pub I found details of an historic Pub Crawl.It visited 10 famous old pubs all over Amsterdam, so provided a good frameworkfor a tour of the city.This was a famous pub called the Apothokarie. In times past, the local Dr, would set up practice in an Ale house.

The reasoning being that people would come to the pub, straight after work, and that they could gain healthcare as well as Ale from one source !.

I saw all of the usual sights, including the famous skinny bridge.Built by 2 sisters, who lived on different sides of the River, it enabled them to visit each other. bridge
steak I used to wear my hair short then, Lionel from the White Lion, used to cut it with clippers.Before going home, I visited a steak house, recommended in the rough guide.On the backs of the benches, were the hides of the animals which were being eaten, which created a slightly uneasy feeling.Went home the next day, will definitely go again.