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Munich – return after 20 years (2/2).

arch We spent the following day exploring the town.Here the Siegestor arch the gateway to the old town.
Further into Marienplatz (which means St Mary’s square) is the Town hall.I loved this building although it was really hard to photograph. rathaus
 church It can’t be a city tour without at least one church so here it is, the Frauenkirche Cathedral.
We decided on a half day tour (it was winter so trips to the Eagles nest weren’t running and Neuschwanstein was a whole day thing). Throughout our tour – The rise of the 3rd Reich, there seemed to be a strong alcohol theme.”This is Munich”, replied our guide Roland. “Everything here is about Beer” 🙂  roland
 meeting In his early days, Hitler had apparently been sent under cover to investigate political meetings for the army.The yellow building in this photo is the site of the first one he attended.It was here he realised he liked what he heard and could use it to his advantage.
The site of Hitler’s first rally. held at the Hofbrauhaus.On stage, with a 10 point plan.Most of the people present were just there to drink but with little else to do but relax decided to listen in !.  beerhall_meeting
gallery Haus der Kunst, the Nazi’s first monumental structure.Art Gallery in a brutalist style (ironically, although the Stalinists were the complete enemy of the Nazi’s, their architecture was almost identical).
Jewish memorial to victims of the holocaust.On the site of the original synagogue. Destroyed Nov 10th 1938 when all synagogues were destroyed during/immediately after, Kristallnacht.  flame
 chancellery Bavarian state chancellery.The building wings on either side of the building were destroyed during the war.When they were rebuilt, they were constructed from glass to symbolise a new Germany and transparent government.
 Bellow ground level, in front of the Chancellery, The Munich war memorial. It remembers German soldiers who have died in war.  soldier
whiterose The White Rose movement were against the Nazi’s.Caught and treated in a brutal fashion, brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl were executed.
Feldenhalle.People were ordered to salute the symbol and would actually walk around and out of their way to avoid it.  odeonsplatz
 hit_office Our tour finished here.Hitler’s office, 2nd floor, 3rd from the end.Its here that he met Neville Chamberlain and arranged the  Munich agreement.

Chamberlain returned to the UK announcing Peace in our Time.

Less than a year later Germany invaded Poland and World War II began.

From these pictures, it should be obvious that we had a superb time (and we did).However, Munich is right next to the Bavarian Alps, and to be honest, it was freezing a lot of the time.We visited a sports shop, where Dan was able to buy some gloves and this spectacular hat.

I hardly ever make a mistake when packing, but on this occasion I wish I’d brought more warm clothes.

 hfm_antlers  For a bit of fun we visited the Hunting and Fishing museum.Wasn’t terribly good but it was warm.
Inside though, some of the displays were half finished.Not at all what I’d expected to see in Germany.  hfm_rundown
 munich2 I had this photo knocking around from my first trip to Munich.The helpful staff in the hotel, told me where it was. Somewhere called Konigsplatz (Kings place). The Propylaea gate built by Ludwig the 1st.Lee, David and Caz.
And in the present day, the same building with Glenn and Dan.  ob2
ob1  Me standing in front of the state museum of classic art in Konigsplatz.
Not long before we go home.We find a beer hall and eat some traditional Eintopf stew.  beerhall
 bmw_ent It normally has to be booked weeks in advance, but due to a cancellation, we managed to get on a tour of the BMW factory.No camera’s were allowed so no photo’s to show you, but it was amazing, with staticaly charged paint which jumps towards the car while being printed and hundreds of robots.

From here, a taxi to the airport and home.