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Alice Springs (1/2).

 olgas The Olga’s.I went on a 3 day Safari around Ularu and the desert around the red centre.

The heat on the trip was stifling, and we had to get up at 4am each day.

Valley of the winds.As we completed the walk around the Olga’s, we came to the valley of the winds, which is sacred to the aboriginal people. valleyofwinds
 wild_camel There are Camel farms all over Australia, and approximately 400,000 Camels live wild.I had to use the zoom on my Camera to capture a picture of this camel.
I thought it was amazing in the desert, but I had to drink at least 4 litre’s of water each day.I knew when I was dehydrated, as my appetite would go, I would feel tired, and then get headaches.I had always imagined doing a long distance walk in the outback, but I discovered the amount of water you would need to carry, meant traveling without a vehicle was practically impossible.  me_olgas
 tent Whilst on the safari, we stayed on a camp site in tents.These were unlike any tents I had ever slept in, as they were built like nuclear air raid shelters.The Kings Canyon cattle station where we stayed on the 2nd night, actually had a pool, which we made good use of.
Our guide Darren cooked these chicken meals on the coals off the fire.He asked if anyone knew how to light I fire, and I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that. I have never seen wood so dry.It wasn’t necessary to use kindling, as a piece of wood the thickness of a broom handle could be lit with a match !.I had the fire roaring within about 10 minutes, and everyone in the camp complimented me on my fire lighting skills (I neglected to mention to them, that I had been trained by some of the UK’s finest Bushcraft instructors !).  chicken
 frankandtone Frank and Tony outside a hostel in Alice springs.I stayed mostly in expensive hotels while on my trip. I actually found that sometimes, the more money you spend, the less atmosphere you seem to get.I am glad I did a “James Bond” on this trip, but next time I am going to rough it a bit more.
Quad biking in the desert.Not like in the UK. No 25 minute safety brief, the instructor hands you a helmet, asks if you know the controls (and looks unimpressed if you dont).Then says simply “try and keep up with me” and off we go.

An amazing experience, the highlight of my trip was hitting a ramp and having all 4 wheels leave the ground.

That feeling of being airborne was incredibly exhilarating.

 me_camel This is Mo, the Camel I got to ride whilst in the desert.The camel driver was explaining that Camels have a reputation for being bad tempered, when in reality they associate emotions with memories.This means that if a camel is shouted at in a field, it will always be ill tempered in that field.I had always wondered about this, as I cant actually believe that an animal can be “nasty”.I also found out why they are called the ship of the desert. They rock as they move