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Prague: home of Emil Zatopek and numerous Irish bars.

front Jo Crawshaw, Me and a few other friends (who decline to be named or photographed 🙂 set off to Prague.Prague is one of the places I have always really wanted to see, and I was looking forward to it.

Sarah stayed home, in order to save for our New York trip.

We saw this add for a car rental company.Most of the cars we saw were western and quite modern, which surprised me as Prague had been part of the eastern block, during the cold war. car
casgate We stayed in the superb diplomat hotel and had a brief “party” in our room, where the min-bar was raided.Here we pass through the front gates of the Castle, where armed soldiers perform a similar role to the ones in Buckingham Palace.
Heading West out of the Castle, we walk down some historic steps, before crossing the a bridge and visiting the Jewish Quarter. cassteps
letna An alternative route to the centre, was a walk through the famous Letna Park, which had spectacular views of Prague.
The old town square.An eccentric old man, played the trombone at annoying volume. ots
market Jo and I visited a Market in the old town square.The sun hitting the square had to be photographed.
The famous astronomical clock.Hundreds of people flocked to see it, each hour.

To be honest, I thought it was quit bland.

sherlock A pipe shop, named after Sherlock Holmes.Seemed to be some problem with the spelling.
Wenceslass square.Not particularly different from any major shopping area, in any major city in the world.


museum At the top of Wenceslass square, there was a museum.A student had famously set himself on fire, as a protest against the Russian invasion in 1968.

He died after 4 agonising days, there is a cross outside the museum to commemorate him.

The internationally famous Buffalo Bills Mexican restaurant.For one reason and another, we never actually got to eat there. bbills
jescoll Statue in the park next to the Jesuit College.
Prague Botanical Garden.I hadn’t completely thought this through, but since it was winter, everything was dead.

Was nice to walk through the park though.

gfbuild The famous Ginger and Fred building.Apparently, its a building made to look like 2 buildings dancing together.
The only authentic thing in Wenceslass square, is the internationally famous Europa Hotel.It was featured in the film Mission Impossible. europa1
europa2 We went inside for a drink.The décor was like being in a Dickens novel.
 St Charles Bridge. cbridge
rockband As we crossed the bridge, we stopped off, to visit Kampa Island.

A rock band were performing a concert there.

They weren’t exactly Metalica, but they were enthusiastic and didn’t cost any money.

A bit hard to see, but there was a drinking hall on Kampa Island, called Pub 1 (as you can imagine, it was next to another called Pub 2 !).

Its a bit hard to see, but the roof inside was perfectly curved.

casgate2 The east gate of Prague castle.

It features 2 statues of Hercules.

 3 Photo’s of St Vitus’s chapel in Prague Castle. stvitus1
fromcastle View from the castle out over Prague.
We walk down from the castle, through Nerudova street in the little quarter.

The little quarter was my favourite part of Prague.

3fiddlers One of the many excellent beer halls, on Nerudova Street.

The logo denotes the name of the building, the house of the 3 fiddlers, as previously, 3 violinists had lived here.

 The Church of St Nicholas, further down Nerudova street. stnicholas
river Another view of St Charles bridge, showing a bit more of the river.
National Theatre, taken from the little quarter. nattheatre1
 nattheatre2 A more detailed view of the Theatre building.
 A tobacco shop, modelled on Winston Churchill. winston
 joots To finish off the trip, before our flight home, we relax in a beer hall, next to the Old Town Square.