Month: December 2012

Christmas thoughts.

Great news. At 10:30am, with assistance from Glenn, the Sky box was “fixed”.  All set for Dr Who.

Well, its Christmas again.

I’ve just put up 2 pictures, that I think kind of capture the British Christmas.

The first, shows some friends from work. At lunchtime, Joe, Unitrons head of marketing had done a general knowledge quiz and everyone got involved and had a go (reminded me a bit of the parlour games that people used to do in Victorian times).

The picture bellow it is from the train station, as I travelled home on Friday night. If you look closely, you can see the guy in the picture with a pull along as he walks to board the train to London.

A bag with clothes appears to fastened near the top, but the rest of the wheeled device, is taken up by a whole keg of ale !.

I can’t remember a Christmas I’ve looked forward too so much, in some years. This year really has been quite amazing.

I’ve been on at least 10 walking weekends away, visited 5 countries (which puts me “back on the map” travel wise) done loads of exciting stuff at work with infrastructures and comm’s and still made time to improve my house and meet my friends for a pint.

That’s why the Christmas break is so important. It gives me time to recharge my batteries (with everything that’s going on, an hour extra in bed, and a chance to catch up on tv is a special treat) and plan my goals for 2013.

Had a few pints in the Lock Keeper last night. Its been my local for close to a decade, and it was nice to just sit there and reflect (although its a lot emptier these days than in its former glory).

Another nice treat, is a £25 gift voucher from for M&S from my employer. Its enabled me to buy some really superb food for Christmas day.

Probably won’t watch the Queens speech, always a bit serious I think, but definitely watching Dr Who (which reminds me, my sky box is broken. I’m a 20 years experienced engineer, will I be able to fix it before 5:15 !).

I think the coming year is going to be one of the best of my life and for that reason, the coming New Years eve trip to Patterdale, with all my walking friends will be all the more special.

So, to everyone that’s reading this and everyone who’s contributed to making this such a superb year (far too many to list here) Happy Christmas, from everyone here at

Adventure calls and sorry.


Firstly, apologies.

I know loads of you come back here day after day and week after week, and there hasn’t been an update for nearly a month.

What can I say, I’m working every weekend at the moment, late evenings most nights, and in between visiting Switzerland and going away on walking weekends.

I’ve also caught up with several old friends, and met my brother for dinner in Manchester. Put simply, I’m shattered.

Which is good because tomorrow, I head to Israel on holiday, a destination I’ve wanted to visit for more than 20 years.

There’s been (as Steve would put it) some unpleasantness in the region recently. My 2 friends Dan and Glenn, have ended up staying at home (although I think this is more to do with work commitments).

So, once again, I’m of on my own, with my trusty rucksack in search of adventure.

Please keep in touch (unless you work for Phonak, in which case don’t even THINK about calling my mobile), and keep coming back to this website which I’ll be updating while I’m away.

Near and far, the search for adventure continues.