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Sydney (2/2)

aboleanto If you have visited this web site before, you will know that wilderness bushcraft is one of my hobbies.I have always found shelter building fascinating, and this is an abo lean to, on display in botanical garden.
This is one of the largest trees in the botanical Garden.I sat under it, when I had a picnic with Frank.I also fulfilled a childhood dream by purchasing a boomerang, and throwing it in the botanical garden. bigtree
 bridgefromferry On the ferry coming back from Manly, I got a brilliant shot off the harbour bridge.I heard reports on the radio later that day, that Wale’s were visible from the bridge.I loved walking across the bridge.
 A Koala bear in the Blue Mountain Zoo.  koala
 bluemountain1  The blue mountains. tragically, the weather wasn’t very good on that day, as I would have loved to see them in the sunshine.
These mountains are only a 40 minute drive from Sydney.Our guide pointed out that it would be possible to walk more than a hundred miles through the forest, without seeing another person.  bluemountain4
 forrest I asked the guide if there was a camp site in the forest (which is bigger than the lake district !).His reply was everything that I love about Australia – “the whole thing is a camp site, all you need is a map to find where the water is, the rest is up to you !”
In the rainforest zoo, there was an albino kangaroo.Its extremely unusual to find one, as they are normally killed by wild animals very quickly.It was a friendly and charming animal.  albinoroo
 shark Slightly less friendly, I saw a real shark in Manly aquarium.I have always wanted to see a real shark and like so many of the things that happened on my trip, it fulfilled a lifelong ambition.
Some baby penguins.They were so tame, that instead of moving away when I stood next to there enclosure, they actually came over to have a look at me.  penguins