Month: January 2016

Connecting with my youth


Well, although the adventure season normally begins at Easter, I’ve decided to start early and this weekend were going away to stay at Edale youth hostel for 2 days of walking, good company and excelent food and drink.

Speaking of youth hostels, I saw this amazing adventure in Trail magazine:

In recent months, I’ve been re-connecting with my youth.

It’s not like I’m having a mid life crisis and I’m going to buy a motorbike and start wearing moisturiser !.

No, In my life I’ve done a lot of interesting things. While visiting some places I’ve promised myself that someday I’d go back there.

We all know that the path to someday is the road to no-where, so I’ve drawn up a plan.


My walk on Saturday, takes in a place called Hayfield in the peak district.

When I was 14, I heard that the local Sunday school were organising a camping trip. I joined and attended every Sunday for 5 weeks, so that I could go camping.

It was a fantastic 4 day trip where we stayed at Hayfield camp-site and went walking each day.

When we returned from the camp, I didn’t go to Sunday school again.

I’m not very religious.


On the 2nd day, we’ll be visiting a place called New Mills.

I was in youth group called 42nd Street and they had an away day there.

It was a cool day out and I realised for the first time, that I actually quite like baked potatoes.

I had a girlfriend called Adela at the time. The relationship lasted about 18 months and was in a constant flux of up and down (mainly due to my immaturity).

She was there with me that Sunday, and I’ve always remembered it as our happiest time together.

This time I’ll be going with Nikki, and I’m especially looking forward to the Millennium trail (above).

Later in the year, I’m off down to Ramsgate. There’s a forest in Chilham woods, where I built a shelter and lived in it for 4 days. I’m a lot better at Bushcraft now, but I’ll probably still stay in a hotel !.


A couple of years ago, I went to see Blondie live at Delamere forest (there’s an area there, that forms a natural amphitheatre).

Just heard from Nikki that the Kaiser Chiefs are playing in July, and we’ve got tickets.

I’m going to buy a T Shirt this time to get into the spirit of things.


My old friend Mike Delafield came down to Chester last weekend.

We spent some time catching up with the Chester Globetrotters and finished with dinner and drinks at Urbano 32.

While having dinner, it got me to thinking. In 3 years, I’m going to Antarctica, and its my intention to visit my 100th country. But that number only works, if I know how many countries I’ve already been to !.

Have a look at this website and do your own count.


New Year in the lake district was fantastic with me, Nikki and our 4 friends.

I didn’t arrive at Coniston youth hostel until quite late, with Dave E, but everyone had prepared dinner and there were cold beers waiting when we arrived.

The weather on New Years day was actually better then the picture above shows.

We did a 2nd night, and another days walking with everyone, before heading to Ambleside for a quiet night in a B&B in the town.


While there, I got chance to pursue a new project that’s been kicking around for a while.

About 10 years ago, I had a book called 25 pub walks in the Lakes.

My companion and I did a couple of the walks from the book.

Afterwards we usually had a drink in the relevant pub then got a member of staff to initial the page.

Sadly, the book fell by the wayside some years ago, forgotten.

About 6 weeks ago, I bought a new copy. I’ve decided to start afresh, and with the day we had free, was able to “bag” 2 more pubs so just 23 more initials to collect 🙂


The National Television Awards isn’t something that has me rushing to my settee with a glass of wine in hand, and the phone off the hook.

However, 2 breakfast time presenters, went out on the evening, won an award and stayed out late.

So late, that they had to go straight to work the next morning, very much the worse for wear.

I might feel differently if they worked for me, but honestly… RESPECT for having the balls to appear on TV like that 🙂

Near and far, the search for adventure continues… And these 2 certainly had 1 !.