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My first trip to Africa – Kenya.

waterhole My auntie goes into a bookshop in Manchester and asks what book they recomend for a lad about to turn 21.They recomend Wilbur Smith. I really wanted a book about Bruce Lee, or something like that, but I read it anyway and really enjoyed it.Over the months and years that followed I had all 20 + books by Wilbur on the shelf in my bedroom and I was hooked.

I especialy liked the parts about Africa and seeing real Elephants and Lions.

When I got a chance to go to Kenya and see the real thing, there was no question what I’d do…

The first 5 days we were on Safari.We stayed in superb quality hotels in the East and West Savo hills, and the Treetops resort.Each day we went out on Safari, at around 7am in the Morning around 6pm in the evening.

In the morning, it was colder than I expected.

 ele1 Our first sighting of the day.A Bull Elephant next to a watering hole.
 Living near Chester, and I can see elephants any time I please, its just that they are in a Zoo, and these fine animals were in their natural environment.  ele3
 meroof  The vehicle we travelled in, had a retractable roof, so we could pop our heads out of the top, to get a better view of the animals (and still stay safe.)
There were other vehicles around.Our guide was quite good, and once a few other vehicles arrived, he would move us on, to avoid spoiling the experience.  ele4
 sitting  We stayed in the treetops hotel on our first night.Me standing on the Hotel Balcony during daylight.
The bar overlooked a water hole, where Elephants would congregate beneath us.  ttops
 lion A superb picture of a Lion crossing the road, just in front of us.I was using an AFP camera at the time, had used all the film, and it was auto rewinding just at that moment.I just managed to get some more film in it, and take this shot, before it passed out of sight.
 A Giraffe, was impossible to photograph close up from the van, so I had to take this picture from a distance.  gir
 zebra  Some Zebra congregating at the side of the road.
A fairly rare picture of an Ostrich in its natural environment.  ost
 pool In the West Savo hills, Sitting by the pool, with a bottle of beer.
But this isn’t any normal poolside, it has this view of the valley bellow.Hundreds of wild animals bellow congregating for water.  waterhole3
 bab After a while, some Baboons came along.I thought they were basically harmless, but somebody asked the wait to remove them.I couldn’t believe it, when he hit one of the Baboons hard with a steel drink tray.
 On the other side of the hotel, were some steps down the inside of the hill, leading to a hide where elephants could be view taking water, at last light.  waterhole2
 lagoon2 During one of our Safari’s we visit underwater hide where you could see Alligators and Hippo’s.Unfortunately, there weren’t any around.
The only silly part of the trip was this tree, located about 30 meters from the bar.Each night a dead chicken was hung from the Tree, and we were promised a chance to see Leopard.One silly sod, actually sat up all night, hoping to see one.

In the morning, our guide explained that that close to loud drunk people, it would be more likely to encounter aliens than a Leopard.

 masai Our guide took us to visit a maasai village where the warriors wore traditional dress.Maasai warriors are surprising, as they are quit lanky and thin.This is made up for by their courage. To become a man at 14 a maasai warrior must stand the charge of a Lion without showing fear.
 The outside of a maasai hut, made of sticks.  shelter1
 shelter2 The sticks are then covered in mud, which dry’s in the afternoon heat.I cooking fire is placed near the door, the smoke keeps insects away.
 Our Maasai guides make fire from friction.  masaifire
 tbay At the end of our 5 day Safari, we spend 10 days in the Turtle bay beach resort.It is rated as one of the best 10 beaches in the world.
 The lads at the bar, became firm friends (especially after they carried me to bed following a daft evening of Vodka and Sprite).  bar1
 tree2 A morning excursion, took us to a nearby village ruin.These types of trees were used in olden times to make masts for ships.
The village ruin.The guide spent 2 hours showing us around it, and all the rooms and vaults.The original inhabitants of the village were killed and the village left deserted.

I’ve ended the section with this picture. Although I’ve visited lots of others, this marks the first time I’d visited an ancient city in person.