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4 Day trip to Rome, visiting the sights of Angels and Demons.

walking After reading Angels and Demons, I committed to go and see Rome, something I had always wanted too do.

I ran the idea past a few friends in the pub, and Paul and Ash decided to join Sarah and I on our adventure.

We had 3 amazing days there, and explored the city on foot.

Here we stop for a moments rest.

Inside Saint Peters Basilica

The Vatican was amazing and took nearly 200 years to complete.

stpeters I am not religious really, but this scene with the light coming in through the slats, had a sort of religious awe to it.
A list of all the popes, starting with Saint Peter, and ending with Pope John Paul the 2nd. popes
guards The Swiss guards, who protect the Vatican.

Their uniforms were designed by Michelangelo.

Although they look a bit silly, I have read that they are tough as nails, and like the American secret service, are trained to step in front of a bullet, for the pope.

Sarah and I, standing in front of one of the two fountains, outside Saint Peters Basilica. jands
roofpaint The map room, inside the Vatican museum.

The roof is painted with all sorts of different pictures, and I personally thought it was superior to the Sistine chapel.

One of the many thousands of amazing artworks, in the Vatican museum. painting
stairs The design of this staircase, has 2 concentric walkways, which never meet.

It was one of my favourite sites in Rome, and is featured in the Godfather 3, where someone is thrown of the staircase by the Mafia !

The famous Pantheon.

Its nearly 2000 years old.

roof From inside the Pantheon, the light floods in through a hole in the ceiling.

The roof is quite amazing, as on the outside its triangular, and on the inside, its cone shaped.

In the evening, we go for an authentic Italian meal (it was delicious) and practice the popular Italian hobby of people watching. dinner
trevi The Trevi fountain.

Was lovely to look at, but when we got there in the afternoon, it was completely packed with people.

The Spanish steps.

The sun was out, the whole of the time that we were in Italy (obviously apart from at night :).

traffic After a day exploring, we get a taxi back to our hotel.

The only thing that I did not like about Rome, was the traffic.

Here our taxi is “cut up” on both sides simultaneously by 2 mopeds.

I was terrified, but the taxi driver, seemed hardly to notice.

The Neptune fountain (one of three famous fountains) in the Piazza Navona. With all the hustle and bustle, it was exactly as I had imagined it to be. navona
col The final point of our walk around Rome, we visit the Colosseum.

It was much bigger then I expected it too be.

Castle Sant’Angelo

Its featured extensively, in the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, the author of the Davinci Code.

There is a passage way that connects it to the Vatican (Pope Clement VII, used this passageway to escape the Vatican, when it was attacked).

castle2 We go into the Castle, have a few beers and relax.

I would like to thank Ash, Paul and Sarah for an amazing trip.

Next stop, Berlin.