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 me_capetrib Standing in cape tribulation bay.It is so named, as Captain Cook ran aground here, and needed 7 weeks of repair to fix his ship (its next to a place called weary bay).

My experiences were different. I thought is was fantastic.

Its funny, in modern times, any child can purchase a map showing the reef, which would have saved Captain Cook all that trouble !.

 Taken from a hill side overlooking cape tribulation bay. capetrib2
 heritageroad The road leading deep into the rainforest.A few miles down this road, is a resort called Heritage where I stayed overnight.
This was my room for the night. It was miles away from any other of the hotel buildings, and I sat on my porch with a glass of wine.It was cool to be all alone in the rainforest, and watch the sun set.  home
 habitat_walkway The habitat Zoo in Port Douglas. It was amazing to see so many wild animals in this environmentally friendly, indoor zoo.This is one of the walkways, which allowed you walk high above the river and swamp lands.
 A tree climbing Kangaroo, in the habitat zoo. It uses its tale as a counterbalance when climbing.  tree_roo
 feeding_roo Me feeding a Kangaroo.The Kangaroo’s were just as I had expected, and were very friendly.
Into the rainforest. Our guide Tanya took is to a “Boarded” section of the Daintree Rainforest (the oldest Rainforest in the world).She showed us all the different trees and plants, and the damage the ferile pigs can do in the wild.  tanya_walkway
 rf_walkway  I had always wanted to stand in a real Rainforest, and wandering around like this was a high point of my trip.
 Me on the boarded walk, with the Mossman river behind me.  me_daintreeriver
 crock_boat We had lunch at the brilliant Fern Tree lodge, a couple of the other people went in the pool.After that, we went Croc spotting on the mossman river.

We saw about 9 Crocs, although they were bellow the water line with only there heads and snouts visible.

 Since the crocks in the Mossman river wouldn’t surface, I have put up some crocs that I saw at the habitat zoo.  crocks