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After a sobering day in Hiroshima, we head out for the day as many Japanese do to experience the Island of Miyajima.


We travel by tram for nearly an hour.

This was the same tram network that was fully working within 3 days of the Hiroshima bomb.


Arriving at the port, we buy our boat tickets.


Halfway across the bay, we get a close look at the Isukushima shrine and the famous Tori gate.

One of the must see sights of Japan that everyone talks about. To be honest, I wasn’t really blown away.


It’s a Saturday, and as our boat arrives there are hundreds of people joining us.


I wander along with the throng.

There are literally hundreds of places to eat and souvenirs to buy.


Farther along and the crowds thin out to reveal this amazing view of the bay.

We stop at one of the cafes for coffee and a bite to eat.

There is an option to do half a days Sea kayaking, but since we only had a day, we opted not to.


With coffee in hand, we consult our map and plan the rest of the day.

A mountain at the top of the Island is somewhere we really want to see.


We head off.

There is a cable car that goes near to the top, but the wait is at least 90 mins (and anyway, I really wanted to walk it).


It’s hard work, so an hour into our journey we stop and relax at this nice spot that we’d found.


The path was in pretty good order throughout the journey.


This solar powered machine, counts the number of people that pass (so they can calculate how often to repair the path).


Close to the top, the canopy opens and we get this amazing view of the ocean.


We reach the top.

This amazing building has 3 floors with shade and cover from rain.


I wander inside, climb the stairs and this is the view from the top of the building


Good humoured people congregating at the top of the mountain.

Many of them had camping stoves and were cooking noodles and making tea.


But no tea for me.

Nikki and I had seen a guy out walking in the Lakes the previous New Year.

Instead of producing a flask at the top of Scafell, he had a can of beer.

I’d been inspired. I found a quiet spot and opened my can of Asahi.


Instead of returning the way we’ve come, there’s an alternate route back down.

Much quieter than the walking we’d done most of the day.


We stop by these rocks and get a view of the forest.


Were joined by one of the Royal Deer.

They are completely tame and very friendly.


After 90 minutes walking, we stop by this nice waterfall for a rest.


Later we reach ground level and are rewarded with this quiet view of the bay.


And what else to do after such a rewarding day.

A few beers before we head back for the boat.