Month: January 2020

Update – wheres the blog gone ?

If you visit this site regularly, you’ve probably noticed there hasn’t been a normal “blog” entry for some time. By that I mean what I’m watching on the tv, what I think of current affairs and what I’ve recently bought from the Rohan shop.

The reason for that, is simple. was set up in 2001 and I manualy coded it with random info to share with my friends and family. I did this because no simpler technology existed at the time like facebook or twitter.

As I started to get more into adventure, I rebranded the site: The adventures of an ordinary person, and I’d write pages about places I’d visited and what I’d done there, in a down to earth style. Posts over the last few months have been exclusively in this format.

These days, most of my random thoughts can be found on facebook and twitter. But that’s good, because I have an exciting plan for

I found out from a BBC article, that theres an organisation for people who’ve been to 100 countries (the Travellers Century club).

As I type this, I’ve been to 82 countries and by the end of the year, predict I’ll have been to 86 (and I expect to  visit the remaining ones in the following 3 years).

So, the good news, is that the website will stay active, but will only feature adventure travel and places that I visit from now on (well, until I have my 100 country certificate, hanging on my wall 🙂

So thanks once again for visting. I hope 2020 is filled with excitement and opportunity for everyone reading this.

The search for adventure continues…