Summary page


Our Logo, the symbol of johnsunter.com. Who helped to design it, why we chose it, and what it means.

Dedicated To:

I decided that a project like this, should be dedicated to someone, and so I chose (of my many personal heroes) Alan Turing. This page is all about Turing, his life and his achievements.

Sunter Shirt:

A rugged outdoor Jacket designed by my friend Nicola, made and distributed by Fatface and named after me.

19 Things I like

For no particular reason, I made a list of 19 things I like, ranging from Pictures and Knives, to Pubs and Railway stations.

10 Things I hate

Similar to 18 things I like, I made a smaller list of 8 things, I simply couldn’t stand including Bank charges, Poorly made Bacon Sandwiches and Big Brother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff like, who writes this web site, what its for, that kind of thing.

Blue List

A list of all the places I have ever wanted to visit, which I work through each year.

Favourite Links

Okay, this picture is a bit daft, its from Istanbul museum, showing the chains used to block the bospherous at night. Basically, its a list of the useful links that I use. It needs a lot of work at the moment, but to be honest, it will always be a work in progress anyway.