About me – why “The adventures of an ordinary person” ?


My name is John Sunter. Originally from Manchester, I’ve lived in Chester for 20 years (choosing to move is one of the best decisions I ever made).

When I first arrived in Chester, Facebook didn’t exist. I wanted my mum (who sadly has now passed) to be able to see pictures and read about my exploration of my new home town (which were more often than not, the inside of new pubs 🙂

After a life changing event, I decided my life would be the pursuit of adventure and I drew up a list of activities to complete which I called my blue list (I dislike bucket list).

Around  3000 activities, 1000 of these, were place specific (if you want to read the New York Times in Central Park, or Drink Chinese beer on the Great Wall of China, you need to be there, whereas learning 6 ways to tie  a tie can be done anywhere 🙂

As my travel adventures continued, it struck me, that as an ordinary person, I was doing the kind of things that “experts” normally did.

My reasoning was that off course, Ray Mears can trek through a jungle, and Chris Bonington can cross a glassier. They are my heroes.

However, I’ve done both those things and lots more.  I thought others, frightened off or nervous of some trips and activities might gain inspiration from my adventures. After all, I’m an ordinary person, if I can do it, and explain how, then anyone can do it can’t they ?

I rebadged the website johnsunter.com… The adventures of an ordinary person.

I hope you  enjoy reading my blog. If you disagree with something, then by all means post and say why.

I you don’t and find it interesting, don’t post and thank me, just send a link to someone you think may find it useful, and we can expand the “ordinary” adventure universe.

Near and far, the search for adventure continues.