Visiting and exploring Hong Kong.

mntvictoria The view of Hong Kong from the top of Mount Victoria. I walked down, several different paths on the way down the hill. It was really relaxing.
A busy street in Hong Kong. I found the people a little impolite, but since I used to work in Chinatown in Manchester, I was more than used to their culture. I found the pace of life in this city to be exhilarating. busystreet
bigtv A forecourt in the banking sector, where people could sit and watch television. You can see Yasser Arafat here, as It was reported he wasn’t well (he has since died).
On the star ferry, travelling to Hong Kong Island (I stayed at the Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel, in Kowloon Harbour. starferry
tram One of the original trams, That still run in Hong Kong.
A waterfall, in the beautiful Hong Kong park. It even has a zoo. waterfall
boctower Bank of China tower, one off the newest and grandest buildings in Hong Kong.
I found the place to be very status orientated and flash. As I passed a jewellers shop, I was 2 mobile phones, one made of gold, and the other platinum. The gold phone, cost the equivalent of £35000 !. goldphone
climber This was a brilliantly drawn picture on the side of a building, which caught my eye.
The two Lippo towers. I personally thought they were the best looking architecture on the Island. lippotow
hsbc The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Head office, designed in 1984 by Sir Norman Foster.
The modern building is located on the same site as the original, and has a Lion on each side of the entrance. When the Japanese invaded Hong Kong they actually used the Lions for target practice, and you can still see the bullet holes. lion
bowlleaves In the Hong Kong Zoo, I was an amazing underwater plant which has leaves the same shape as bowls (Victoria cruziana).

More than 20 inches in diameter, a small child can sit on one, and it will float.

A cave like walkway in the Hong Kong Park. You can probably guess that I like the park, I spent quite a lot of time there. cave
govhouse The original governors mansion, in the middle of the banking sector.
The entrance to Kowloon park, which was just near my hotel. kowpark1
kowpark2 This is a public swimming pool, in the centre of Kowloon park. I could hardly believe how clear the water was.
I was getting a drink in Hong Kong Airport. A few girls came up to me, and asked me for directions. One of them is Miss South Africa, who agreed to pose for a picture. miss_sa

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