Tour of Egypt and Jordan – The Red Sea.

seafront Next stop on the Pyramids to Petra trip, was the coastal resort of Dahab.

It was very popular with scuba divers, and a superb place to relax.

You can see from this picture, just how beautiful it was.

After checking into our room, we wonder up and down the sea front ( a thriving town), buy a couple of souvenirs and check the place out.

There was even a curry house !.

 beers We find a Sea front restaurant, and get a couple of drinks.

An interesting anomaly, was wherever we went in Dahab, and asked for an alcoholic drink, there was a delay of about 10 minutes.

Turns out that an alcohol license is so expensive, that only one shop in the whole town has one, and all the other shops just send someone out to buy the beer as needed.

I am not much of a pool/beach sort of person, but the relaxing atmosphere was so addictive that I got the “bug” but one some shorts (Rohan obviously) and jumped in the pool.

In the background, you can see the balcony’s of our once again excellent hotel.

 gob The hotel were trying to recruit a member of staff.

I think the spelling mistake, indicates just how much this person was needed.

Joking aside, it left me with all sorts of questions about quality of life mix. Would I be as happy with no Cisco/Sandbox trusts in my life, just typing emails and answering the phone by the Ocean.

I decided that I like the mix of adventure, and the normal life that I have. If I lean to far, in either direction, will I topple over (did I really say that, get me a bucket !).

In the evening, our guide took us to another superb restaurant.

We sat on rugs, at low tables. During the whole trip, I couldn’t fault the food at all, the guide always seemed to be delighted, when I asked if they sold beer, and found consistently that he had taken us to a no alcohol restaurant.

I started to wonder if he was doing it deliberately, but decided that a couple of hours away from the Ale, wasn’t doing me any harm.

 walk The following day, a camel ride into the desert, and some snorkeling had been arranged.

I had already ridden a Camel on three continents, and have a deep hatred of snorkeling. I decided to stay behind, and have a day on my own.

I had a superb lie in (on adventure trips, you are nearly always on the go, and it was nice just to get up when I wanted, just for one day).

wondered up and down the coast, rented a mountain bike for a bit and then spent an hour in a cyber cafe and had a couple of beers.

 That day, the room service staff, whilst cleaning/tidying the room (they were were excellent, the rooms were spotless) decided to surprise us, with some improvised sculptures.  sinister
 sue On the second evening, we visit a fish restaurant.

The staff at the restaurant were so eager to please, that they took Sue to the front of the restaurant and gave her the pick of their stock.

Our last night in Dahab.

Everyone was well fed and watered, and the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore, only a few feet from our restaurant, is one of the memories of that trip that will stay with me.

 ferry1 Slightly less of a fond memory, was the ferry over to Aqaba.

With seemingly endless bureaucracy, we queue ‘d in line, got up, sat down got up again before we finally get to board the ferry.

 Never mind, I had some brilliant company 🙂  ferry2

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