Tour of India and Nepal – The Trisuli Centre.

 bus We set off in our bus for lunch at the Trisuli centre.The vehicle had no power steering, and I wonder to this day, how the driver (who slept in the vehicle at night) managed to drive it for so long without passing out.
We travel along the Pokhara – Kathmandu highway.A view of the Marsyangdi River as we drive high above the valley. river
 directions1 A road was blocked due tan accident and we asked these friendly children, at the side of the road, for alternate directions.Earlier some other locals had given directions, in return for a lift on the back of our bus (they hung onto the ladder at the back, at one point it looked quite scary).
We arrive at the Trisuli Centre for lunch.Ethical travel very popular at the moment, the Trisuli centre was an area of natural beauty, which had been renovated environmentally through donations made by the Adventure Company.  jeep
 garden  A short walk from the Cafe, was this beautiful Oasis, with a stream, a quiet garden and this bridge.
 Nearby, some very old Tree’s reminded me of the kind I had last seen at the Angkor Wat.  roots
 tree1  I glanced at this tree, and hardly noticed anything inside.
 On closer inspection, the dead leaf, turned out to be this butterfly.  tree2
 meroots  Me standing in front of one of the old tree’s.
We crossed this amazing bridge.Himalayan Encounters who organized the Nepalese side of our tour, are the largest white water rafting company in Nepal, and most of their work, is done on this river.

I didn’t go on this trip for “summer holiday” experiences, but this really was, one of the most beautiful days that I can remember.

 canoe  On the far bank, were Canoes, and some of the tented accommodation, used by the rafter’s on expedition.
You can see that this outside frame, around the tent, provides shade from the heat.Wherever we were, our guide always seemed to find the best place for shade, I learned over the week to watch and copy him.

The tents actually had beds inside, this would hardly be rough camping.

 construction  For Bushcraft enthusiasts, a close up of the construction of the shelter.

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