Alice Springs (2/2).

Img_0131 The aborigines didn’t like people climbing Ularu (although no one was specific about why).As an alternative, there was a circular walk around the base of the rock, which we did early on when it was cool.

The scenery and views around the rock were breathtaking.

I decided to climb Ularu. I was clear about this from the beginning, nature put it there before men and religion existed and it was meant to be climbed.Unfortunately, Frank didn’t agree and I walked it on my own. It was unusual to be anywhere near a mountain without Frank !

Good news was that my expensive cross trainers and hours of fitness paid off, and flew up it even though it was very steep.

me_ularu Me at the top of Ularu.I was lucky to find some people from Perth at the top to take my picture.
Ularu at night.We had a glass of wine, and watched the son set over the rock.

I got chatting to a few off the people on the Safari and made some friends.

canyone2 On the 3rd day of our trip, we visited Kings Canyon.The walk wasn’t particularly hard, but it was very hot.

This is a view of the Canyon. It was like a sheer wall, and is very popular with rock climbers.

Its a bit hard to see, but at the bottom of the Canyon is the Garden of Eden, a really special place with clear water which I sat in for half an hour relaxing.

We had such a good time, that when we got back we all went for a night out in Alice Springs.I had Kangaroo steaks, and we all got loads of pitcher’s of beer.

I have spent to many weeks of my life with holiday makers, it was great for a change to be surrounded by travellers and people with a taste for adventure like me.

girls Julia, Sonja and the Anouk holding a 4 pint pitcher of beer.

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