Tesco Cycling, and the collapse of British Humor.


I write the article below, a couple of weeks ago. Since then, Ive seen this article on BBC News. Some people really have no  sense of humour at all !.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen corruption, deceit and abuse of privilege. People getting away with things, for which the man in the street, would probably be arrested.

To quote Blackadder:  “Disease and deprivation stalk our land like two giant stalking things”.

Action needs to be taken now !

1. Call as many friends as you know, get some bicycles and get over to Tesco.

2. Enjoy your right to cycle around at dangerous speeds, while giving scant regard to safety or the control of your bicycle around young children.

If someone like Duffy (the new female Tom Jones)  can do it in a Coca Cola promotion, everyone should be allowed too (even if they aren’t making a “tick all the demographic boxes”  advert).

When I tried, they wouldn’t let me, there is nothing personal in this whatsoever.

Oh, sorry, did you think I was talking about the MP’s expenses scandal ?. That’s a bit outside of my scope.

2 thoughts on “Tesco Cycling, and the collapse of British Humor.

  1. I wanted to ride through a bit of the shop, after it had closed, and do a youtube video.

    They werent having any of it.


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