Off the wall money saving tips

The pub beer garden. Save a fortune on your own garden.

Ive had a few ideas to save money and bring in a bit of extra cash.

1. Fill up a plastic water bottle, at a public lavatory (saving of £1.20 every time you do it).

2. Drink at a nearby pub, which has a really nice patio and decking (one off saving of £1500, as I don’t actually need to get my own patio).

3. Since I live next to the Mill hotel, I can just sleep in my own bed, and not get a room there (saving of £92 per night, and several thousand pounds, throughout the year).

4. Collecting milk from other peoples doorsteps (saving, a couple of pounds per week, until someone catches you, and you get a black eye !).

5. Lifting candles from the pub, and using them to light the house at night (saving, a couple of quid a week, until you get caught and barred).

6. Urinating in the swimming baths (doesn’t save that much on its own, as you have to pay to use the swimming pool, however having the bathroom ripped out of your house, and converting it into a poodle parlor, could create revenue of several hundred pounds per month).

Okay, now that Ive done all of that, I am awash with money, and I just can’t decide what to do with it  🙂

But seriously, there is a superb budgeting section on the money saving expert website. You can view it here.

3 thoughts on “Off the wall money saving tips

  1. John,
    this is reprehensible nonsense, it really is. The advocation of urinating in local authority leisure swimming pools is nothing short of irresponsible.

  2. I know what you mean Matt. A serious news/current affairs website like this, cant be seen to be making cheap “toilet humour” jokes, can we 🙂

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