Update – what have I been doing with myself lately.

Kro Piccadily. Absolutely fantastic bar, that my mate Al runs.

Well, just a few words to say thanks to all of you, who keep coming back to visit this website.

The weather has been fantastic this week. On Monday, I went up to Manchester, and spent the day with my old friend Lee Sawbridge. It was really cool, just hanging out in Manchester (although I did intend to move back to Manchester and start a new life there, I changed my mind. Its still a fantastic place to visit though).

A guy I met in Morocco last year, kept chatting about Manchester (that’s one of the things that persuaded me to try a move “home”). As it was, I realised that my home’s in Chester now, and life’s moved on, but I couldn’t resist popping over to his bar just to see what it was like and it really was fantastic.

The India crew (they arent actualy from India, but I met them there) are organizing a trip to Berlin in October.  Ive been there before (Berlin 1, Berlin 2) but they are such good company, Ive decided to go back (and at least it means I will be going somewhere overseas this year, I dont think I could stand a whole year stuck at home).

I’m still looking for work, so if anyone is looking for a spectacularly gifted engineer, with stunning communication skills (and modesty) give me a shout. In the meantime, I continue to “work” on finding a job, each morning and write 3 page letters to the benefit office, explaining why they should give me a little of my own money back, now that I’m not working.

On a more humorous note, I have registered with the NHS job website. I set it to send me details of every job, that contains the word “IT”. What I didn’t realise, was that every job contains the phrase “Must have a comprehensive knowledge of IT”. So far, Ive been offered jobs as a midwife, an accountant and even a diversity trainer.

Things at home are okay, Jude and Nathan went away for the weekend camping, and asked me to look after the cats. Amazingly, I didn’t starve or over feed them, and they were both fine, when their owners returned home.

A friend I haven’t seen for ages, and used to be a regular in the Northgate Arms, along with the rest of us, has recently appeared on the social scene. Amelia, went back to Spain for 2 years, and has just returned to the UK.

We went out for a couple of drinks last night, along with another old friend from Corning, Matt Bridges.

My mate Dan, just got a new job, so I haven’t seen much of him lately. Its said that in life, as one door closes, another one opens. Seems like my doors keep closing and his keep opening 🙂

Im in the process of re-writting my credit crunch lunch article, as I couple of things have changed since I originaly did it.

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