The City/United Derby.

Last Saturday marked the first time in my life that I actually went out to watch a football match. My family have always been keen City supporters and Ive spent a lot of time watching United while out with Dan, so I decided to go out and watch the Manchester Derby.

Before the match, a sign was held up at the United end saying welcome to Manchester. I wondered how many Silver BMW driving, Surveyors from Surrey, it had taken to make it.

The match begins, and Rooney score’s early (in the first 2 minutes). As Rooney slides around on the wet grass, I shout Red Bastards. I realise, that I have actually chosen a side (something I wasn’t intending to do).

Loyalties in the Pub are clearly behind United. Dan points out, that there is only one city player on the pitch, who was playing for them last season, calls me a glory hunter, and then asks which “spreadsheet” football team I will be supporting next season. City score not long after.

His point is perhaps a fair one. City have always been supported as the underdog. Today, they are the wealthiest club in the league, and on paper have the best team in the world. I wonder for a moment about their identity, but a man with a beard who has a womans voice, distracts me, and its back to the action.

The match continues with breakneck action, which had everyone on the edge of their seats (including me, who normaly says he would rather watch Goldfish swim around a bowl !). The bearded lady tries to engage everyone (or anyone !) in converstation, and then its half time.

In the 2nd half,  I realise:

1. Danny isnt a complete Biggot, and compliments City on thier Goaly.

2. A player called Berbatov, looks a lot like Andy Garcia.

In the last couple of minutes, United score (extra time) to win the game. Several people comment that the referees watch was a gift from Alex Ferguson :).

Well, the point is, I travel all over the world, to meet new people and enjoy their customs, and I just wanted to try out a traditional UK one for a change.

Hope I havent offended or misrepresented anything (you can post replies if you think I have).


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