Southport Promenade

Just read this really cool thing on BBC News. Most of you know already, that this website is dedicate to Alan Turing.

Some of you will remember a couple of months ago, I was experimenting with some budget adventures.

The other Sunday, I got the chance to complete one, that had evaded me for some time. For £4.40, its possible to get a return from Chester to Southport (its like I always say, adventure is everywhere, you just have to look).

I haven’t been there, in something like 14 years, but it was a pretty cool place. It was very family orientated. Although families aren’t really my thing, it was this focus that removed the tackiness and which is normally associated with places like Blackpool.

Southport beach.

I broke the rule of Sunter, and didn’t actually take an spare trainers or anything like that.

We even had lunch at MacDonald’s, and Coffee at Nero (for budget adventuring, this would normally been a distinct no-no, but finances have change, and I just haven’t eaten a MacDonald’s in ages !.

We wandered around the promenade, which was spotlessly clean, and then headed for the beach (okay, it could have been sunnier !).

As we wandered towards the Ocean (Amelia came with me) I realised that the actual Sea, is about 2 miles out from the beach !.

The last time I stood in such a vast open space, was in the Moroccan desert.

My local cinema.

Last weekend, I spent Saturday afternoon in the cinema. I went to see District 9. I want say anything else about this film, but if you haven’t seen it, you really should.

I hate it when pretentious people describe something as excellent on many levels, but in this case that was completely it.

As a drama, thriller, action flick and public commentary, this film scores, in just about every category.

On another subject, one thing I really hate in films, is when there is a really great premise for a film, but the end product, just waste’s it completely. A film I watched with Love film recently (21) was exactly like this.

The basic premise, is that a group of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most genius University’s in the world) go to Vegas, and attempt to beat the system and make a fortune.

Overly long, it really was just a wast of my time.

In other Media recently.

Great news: Big brother is being canceled. Thank God. It symbolizes, for me, everything that’s wrong with society.

Bad news: Oasis have split up. Although don’t live there anymore, Ill always be a son of Manchester (although the thing is, I still thing that the Smiths are the best things to come out of the city !)

Ive been watching True Blood. I thought the premise sounded a bit iffy, but its one of the best programs to appear on HBO in a while. Season 6 of House commences on the 21st of September.

Jude and Nathan are on holiday at the moment. Since Ive recorded about 25 episodes of Family Guy, and the Cats and I, are working our way through them.

Chester Racecourse

Sunday morning, I wen for a walk around Chester and took a couple of pictures. On my way back from the Forest, I visited the Racecourse and took this picture.

This weekend (ie Tomorrow) is Chester Races, so Ill be sure to hide in my house).

A quiet place in Chester where I go to relax

The good news, is that there are loads of cool places to explore and relax in, which the visiting “Mongol Hoards” don’t know about. This is one of my favorite places (I wont say where it is, for obvious reasons) and I come and sit, and read here all the time.

After this, I popped over to Bar Lounge, where my friend Julian was exhibiting one of his paintings. Unfortunately, it was ticket only, so I never got to see it.

Well, Ill get going now, but near and far take care and hope to hear from you all soon.

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