BNP on question time.

Nick Griffin of the British National Party, is appearing on question time this evening.

Ive been very ill in bed now, for 4 days, so I’m sorry that there haven’t been any updates to the site.

However, something significant is happening today, in the UK, and I cant lie down (literally) without saying something.

This isn’t, never has been, and never will be, a political website, but as the cliche now goes, all it takes for tyranny to prevail…

It will shock some people, but a few months ago, I considered voting for the BNP, in the European elections. Let me explain my reasons.

For several months I felt disenfranchised from the Government (both the ones in power, and the 2, technically in opposition).

There seems to be endless moves to help the needy, Wars started without a clear mandate. Seemingly endless support for women, people with children, people with disabilities, people working in the public sector, and just about everything else.

I don’t resent any of the  people above, but what about me I thought.

I’m single working class, I sometimes like a trip to the pub, and after Ive paid a fortune in tax, with the bit of money that’s left, I like to travel, where I get taxed even more (I still don’t believe for a moment, that the £100 extra, I pay on average for long hall flights, helps the environment. To my mind, it pays for the Olympics and the war in Iraq).

Nobody seemed to be fighting my corner. I remember a brief conversation with my former Father in Law. Speaking about being an expat, he commented that you don’t pay as much tax, but if things go wrong, you really are on your own.

Seemed to me, like I pay a fortune in tax, and I’m on my own anyway. I didn’t have a voice, nobody was listening to me, they just wanted to penalize me for my success, and use my hard work, to help everyone else.

I remember one particular week, when I was unemployed.  A girl in the job centre, who was 18 and had 4 children, was shouting that her new (free !) washing machine had not yet arrived. In the same week, my (old) washing machine broke down, and my friends lent me the money to have it repaired. Nobody else wanted to know !.

A friend saved hard, bought a nice house with his wife and 2 young children. Sometimes gangs of up to 20 people would arrive in the avenue and just “hang out” (I grew up in Newton Heath, so nobody tell me, that this kind of thing is harmless). They would drink, wake up sleeping children, lean on cars, break the fence, and do whatever they felt like.

The police would say they couldn’t do anything as no crime had been committed. So much for everyone else’s rights, what about my friend, and his right to peace and quiet in the evening, after they have both worked all day, to pay for the very people who were disrupting their lives.

But what was the way forward. It seemed like all the political parties had the same ideas, and didn’t really want change. It  didn’t seem to matter who you voted for, you got the same thing.

I grew up in a one parent family. My mum was a nurse for 26 years. I remember as a little boy, she always talked about people being treated fairly and equally.

She used to say that everyone that came to hospital had a right to be helped, if they were sick or ill, no matter what there religion, race, financial status …

I remember once as a little boy, I mischievously argued with her about whether a criminal, injured while committing a crime, should be treated  (in the hospital) the same as everyone . She bit my head off, and said that once recovered, paying for your crime was a matter for the courts. We cant give people rights, we can only take them away.

Growing up in a home like that, you might be surprised that I was considering voting BNP.

Well, that’s the point. If you vote Conservative as a protest vote against Labour, will it be taken as that, or will it be seen as a vote of confidence in the Conservatives, and vice versa.

If you want to send a message, I reasoned (in advance of the general election)  to the people that run these parties that its time for change, why not vote for the BNP ?. If you choose to vote for a party who’s values stand in the face of everything that you believe, how could it be anything but a protest vote ?.

The BNP, a group, who if no civil or legal framework existed to control, you would willingly take up arms to fight. If you voted for them, then how could that be seen as anything but a protest vote, and perhaps the best way to use the 1 vote that you have.

But then another thought hit me. Its meant to be a protest vote. What if too many people do it (and lets be clear, 1,000,000 people didn’t vote for the BNP, they voted against mainstream politics as it exists now).

I didn’t vote for them, but Nick Griffin (and somebody else I cant be bothered to look up) were elected to European office (A union they stand firmly against, by democracy, a system they don’t believe in).

Ive still got concerns about the future of Britain, but I don’t believe the BNP have the answers.

If you get the chance tonight, watch the Nick Griffin on question time. Now that they have a platform, you can hear what they actually have to say. If YOU believe in the things they STAND FOR then vote for them. In any other circumstances, for Gods sake, don’t !.

On a lighter note, I might watch some recordings of Family Guy, before question time. They both say extreme things, but Peter Griffin doesn’t believe the things he says, and Nick Griffin does !.

One thought on “BNP on question time.

  1. John
    The BNP are not racists, it is only the media and people who get it wrong (99.9% of the public) who think they are. They only say what we are scared to say for ourselves. It is ridiculous, I’m terrified of telling anyone I support the BNP in case I get suicide bombers outside my door!
    Simply put, if you were on one of those programmes on TV like ‘Location location location’ where Kirsty Allsop looks for a selection of potential properties for you to live in, if she found you a house in the middle of Bradford, where ALL your neighbours within a 5 mile radius are Pakistani muslims and your only local religious buildings are mosques, would you say yes and live there? Why not?
    The BNP are only against the way minority groups are completely taking over in this way, bearing in mind that they have extremely large families too. We can’t pretend they are exactly the same as British Caucasian people because they simply are not. As for being racist, they are about as racist as me. I have black and Asian friends and I have not a bad word to say against them. I had a Sikh man living in my house and he was one of my best friends. But if an Asian friend told me he was inviting his whole extended family of 80 people over from Pakistan and that they were going to take over a whole street, I would tackle him about it, because it’s wrong, and that’s all the BNP is about.
    I can’t believe the protests outside the BBC today. It’s just a pity there weren’t the same protests in Beeston in Leeds a few years ago.
    I’m glad you had the courage to speak about the BNP.

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