Rememberance Sunday

I went out to the remembrance Garden on Sunday. I go there most Sundays, its one of the nicest and quietist places in Chester.

There was a service to commemorate those who had given their lives for freedom, both past and present.

I’m not big on sentiment, but I am only able to write whatever I like on this blog, because of their sacrifice.

As modern trends come and go, and one fad, seemingly replaces another one, its nice to see so many young people wearing Poppy’s proudly.

Akon, ace music, but questionable ethics.

Lately, I’ve been listing to the new album by Akon.

I know some of my “purist” music loving friends, might not approve, but I quite like it, and I find that its played on my IPod more than any other music.

In one particular track, called Freedom, he talks about his father coming down from the hills in Senegal west Africa in search of freedom and a new life in America.

In some of his other songs, he talks about his time in the Ghetto, spending time in Prison and stuff like that.

I was looked up some of his details on the internet. His father is one of the most talented musicians that Africa has ever produced, and he didn’t live in a tribe, tending cattle at all.

In fact, if he did come down from the mountains, he almost certainly did so in a Range Rover, with his publicist sitting in the passenger seat.

More disturbingly, Akon has never served ANY time in prison. According to school reports, his attendance and grades were exceptional.

The question I find myself asking, is what kind of world have we created, where honest people, lie about being criminals to promote their music !.

Anyway, I still listen to the music. I like the way it sounds.

I noticed the other day that the pages for St Petersburg 1 and 2 and Moscow 1 and 2 weren’t working.

Ive fixed them now, if you want to have a look.

Finally, can someone print a copy of this out, and show it to Sean and Mandy, as they don’t have a computer !.


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