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A few things have happened recently on the travel front.

BA are not playing to their strengths. What I mean is they sell quality. They can cut their prices, sure but they will always (quite rightly) cost a bit more, because of what they offer.  Someone once said to me, Ryanair are cheap, but how many of their cabin crew can re-start your heart (God forbid you would need).

On a BA flight, everyone on board has been fully trained, for every type of emergency.  Although I think they have done great things to get people out flying, I’ve never been taken in by what I call the budget airline myth.

I have always believed that if you could fly BA or KLM or whatever for £20 over the price of Easyjet, most people would do it.  Sadly, for BA, I don’t think we will ever get to find out. Whether the strike goes ahead or it doesn’t, nobody in their right mind is going to book summer holiday flights involving BA.

Ironically, there is nothing to say there wont be strikes with other airlines, its just that in most peoples minds, the die is cast.

Eurorail.  I read about trains breaking down, people being stranded overnight freezing. Toilets not working and young children vomiting on themselves. Limited water and no food for 10 hours. Put like that, Easyjet, seem like Platinum class on Emirates !.

I was supposed to go to Paris on Eurorail, some years ago, but there was a fire at the time and we ended up going by coach/ferry.

The main criticism people make (and its exactly the same on a “normal” train, when it breaks down) is a lack of information. Nobody is told what is happening, what is being done etc..  Someone needs to take responsibility for this debaucle otherwise, people will just stop using Eurorail and fly !.

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