Jonathan Creek, Easter Special.

I watched the Easter special of Jonathan Creeke (a crime drama I’ve followed for several years). Story is, that because money was tight, Alan Davies (who has played Creeke superbly for more than a decade) had to take a pay cut, and a scene at the end was filmed at night, as there wasn’t enough money to pay for the set to be done properly.

Whatever, but I pay my TV License, the same as everyone. Why is money saved on good programs like this, and wasted on Strictly/Next big theatre star, whatever.

Anyway, on a positive note, terrestrial TV seems to be making a comeback. Dr Who and Ashes to Ashes are easily the 2 best programs on TV at the moment.

On the American TV front:

Fringe. Previously excellent, recent episode Peter, was probably the best one they’ve made, the episode after that, fairly mediocre. Its a great series, somebody needs to pay attention.

Stargate Universe. Came back on TV after several months away, with a bang. Its superb, I hope they keep this up.

House. Okay its good, but it seems to do the same things its done for 6 years, and the mind-games stuff, is now just tedious. I far prefer the patient of the week, and an amazing solution, but that hardly ever seems to happen any more.

Flash Forward. I watched Jonathan Ross on film 2000. He said that there were 3 things that were essential to a film/drama. I forget the other 2, but he said its important that the characters are in some way believable, and that we care about and empathise with them.

Otherwise, when the plot, puts them into danger, we just don’t care (and in fact sometimes we want them to get shot/blown up etc). His criticism at the time, was levelled at a film called Mission to Mars, but exactly the same could be said about Flash Forward. I’ve just stopped watching it, I’d rather watch Coronation street (and that’s saying something).

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