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Journalism in the UK, is covered by the laws of Liable and from an ethics point of view the press complaints authority.

Here at we have only 2 rules:

1. We don’t talk spin or bs, its the real deal or nothing (if it wasn’t, it would be a bit silly having a subtitle of the adventures of an ordinary person.

2. When were wrong, we say were wrong.

In this case, rule number 2 applies.

Matt Smith as the 11th Dr Who

I had previously said that Matt Smith would make a terrible Dr Who and that he was too young (You can read my full comments here).

I watched him in the new role the other evening, and I have to say that I was completely mistaken. David Tennant’s shoes were always going to be hard to fill, but Matt really made the part his own, genuinely pulled off the 900 year old thing and added new energy to the program.

I don’t like the opening music, and I’m not keen on the new logo, but Amy Pond makes a convincing assistant. I also enjoyed the future highlights section at the end of the show. If it delivers on that, it will easily be the best series of Dr Who since 2004.

I dont imagine that Matt Smith visits this blog, but if you are/do, I would like to personally apologise for my previous comments. Dr Who, is one of the few really good things on TV and you make an excelent Dr.

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