Recycling – I’ve changed my mind.

Recycling - actualy, the chap in this picture, looks like Franceso, who I used to work for.

I’ve had a bit of a change of hear lately about recycling.

Its not about why its important, or all the other stuff, I just felt that for the money I pay the council, they should get someone to sort through the rubbish for me (they already do actually, when I put out my rubbish too early (!) they were good enough to rummage through my bags, find my address, then threaten me with a fine and a week in prison, if I did it again).

You see, I think, if you want to get someone to do something, you have to sell the idea, on the potential benefits to them, not you (or is that just obvious).

Anyhow, I had an epiphany recently. I hate clutter. Hate having black bags in my yard, getting wet, until rubbish day, and most of all, I hate wast of any kind (well, after a year of being unemployed I do !).

I have now worked out:

A, 94% of the rubbish in my house can be re-cycled.

B, The 4 different re-cycling banks I need to get rid of this, are all within 100m of my house.

All I do now, is put all the recyclable stuff, in a box under my sink, and every day or 2, go out for a walk, and put it in the relevant bin. I only have to put out my rubbish bag, once every 6 weeks, and I never have old copies of newspapers and other irritating things knocking about in my living room.

Put simply, I sold the idea, to myself and stupid as it sounds, I am actually a lot more relaxed in my house now.

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