Sad News.

Me and Mum.

My mum passed away earlier today.

Everything on this website and all the adventure I’ve done came from my imagination, which came from her.

The search for adventure will have to stop for a little while.

I hope you all understand.


2 thoughts on “Sad News.

  1. Sorry to hear that John. Mine died two years ago and I still get the thought to ring her when something happens to chat about or seems interesting. Just for a few seconds it seems perfectly normal and then I remember, oh no I cant. Try and remember all the good times and rejoice in the time you had. Phil

  2. Hi John, So sorry to hear about your Mum. I know from experience that time is a great healer and whilst the sadness never really goes away, you do learn to live with it and it does get easier. Email if you need to talk – I think you have a new mobile as have tried to call and text a couple of times but cannot get through. Julie xx

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