End of the Bluelist.

Me standing on the top of Table mountain, in Capetown South Africa.

Firstly, appologies for not updating this site recently. I know that a lot of you are busy all the time, and when you make time, to come here, to read updates and there arent any, it must be slightly annoying.

As many of you know, I completed the Bluelist about 14 months ago, I just never got around to writting up the pages about it, and kept putting it back and back. In the end, I motivated myself by saying that I wouldnt update any part of the website, until the Capetown pages were complete.

I’ve done that now. The culmination of years of my life, I’ve written the final section of the Bluelist. I’ll be back updating  johnsunter.com from tomorrow lunchtime, in the meantime take a look at Capetown 1, Capetown 2 and Capetown 3.

Near and Far, the search for adventure continues…

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