Gareth’s Hearing Aid enterprise.

Gareth dancing at the Christmas Party.

Its been said, that money doesn’t grow on tree’s. That’s true, it doesn’t.

Equally, sofa’s don’t fly into your living room, of their own accord, you usually need a van, and a dependable mate to make that happen.

Since Gareth was kind enough to help with the delivery, and get out of bed at 5am, even though he has a young family, I have decided to shamelessly plug the business he and his brother run, for SEO.

Hearing Aid Warrington

Hearing Aid Cheshire

Hearing Aid repair Warrington

Hearing Aid repair Cheshire

Obviously, I work for the Sonovo group, which has Unitron, Phonak and Advanced Bionics in its stable. If however you want to buy a hearing aid, or have one repaired, by a couple of decent lads, then pay a visit to

Once again, thanks to Gareth for his help (his brother can help when I need an armchair 🙂


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