My Birthday.

My Birthday.

Birthday Celebration

Well, only 7 days to go, before my birthday. I’m really looking forward to it this year. Loads of people are coming down, and the weather promises to be superb, here in Chester.

One thing I should mention, is parking. Lately, people have been stung for parking in streets where it appeared ok, but after receiving a ticket, realised there was a hard to see no parking sign nearby. My own street is on of these “local stealth tax zones”, so If your coming by car, best to park in a pay and display car park, for peace of mind (or better still, just get the bus or train).

If you want to stay over, there are basically 3 options. Top end, the Mill Hotel, next to my house, which is lovely. Middle option, one of the B&B’s on Hoole Lane. Bottom option (but no less friendly) is my floor !.

Also, lots of you have been asking what I’d like for a present, so I’ve taken the liberty of making up a list, which is taken from the treats section of this years Mindmap.

Brown Mirror – I’ve often been accused of dressing in the dark, and I’m determined to do something about it.

Socks –  Some of the old Auntie Marjorie favourites are badly needed.

Photo frame – I want to finaly put my X files poster ( 10 things I like ) in the living room but it doesn’t have a frame.

Bandana Game Board – Recommended by Simon Calder, will really cut the mustard, when I get back to travelling.

North face tent slippers – Slightly expensive. Tested on Everest, but remains to be tested in my living room.

Brown cords – I’m 38 inch waist. I had a pair of these as a teenager, and I miss them badly.

Bottle of Jack – Not being a spirits drinker by nature, I can make one of these last a whole year.

I’ve invited everyone by word of mouth, email, text and various web 2.0 things like facebook. If (for whatever reason) you haven’t received an invite, consider yourself invited, details can be found here.

See you all soon.


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