Colleague of the week – Christine.

This weeks featured colleague, is Christine (this is a real picture of her coming back from the Era launch).

Christine works with “Mithering Gareth” and provides technical support for hearing aids. I didn’t realise it, but she is a regular visitor to this site, and told me she enjoys it a great deal and especially likes the quotes bar.

Christine is happily engaged to another colleague in production, so evenings at their house around the dinner table, must feature hearing aid topics regularly.

Even more cool, is that Christine (who I always call Chris, and  found out last night she doesn’t like it) has previously worked as a model. I’ve been photographed all over the world, but never for my looks !.

The main reason I’ve featured Christine, is, quite simply that she told me she liked my site. I spent about 300 hours 2 years ago, converting this site (with significant help from Henrik) to Web 2.0. Idea is that you can post a comment or a reply to a comment on any of the posts (rather than the old style guestbook page).

Thing is, none of you seem to use it. I’m about to write up my trip to see Concorde. Will you guys like it, or have I just wasted 2 hrs on it. If you don’t tell me, I wont know.

If you visit this site and like it, love it, hate it (or like my Uncle John, consider it mundane) post something now and tell me what you think.

Anyone who posts, will get a fridge magnet (or maybe just a post it note, when they’ve run out).

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