Lisbon the home of discovery.

Just a day (and a heavy hangover) after my talk at the Chester Globetrotters, I was off to see Lisbon.

I added Lisbon to the 2nd bluelist after watching an interview with Simon Calder. In it he said it had some fascinating things to see, but still remained quiet, as most adventure travellers didn’t go there. He also said it was the cheapest capital in Europe to visit.

I travelled by Easyjet from Liverpool with Dan and Glenn. We found a nice hotel, with private rooms for only £29. Problem was, it was quite a few miles away from the main attractions.

The weather was superb throughout. I especially liked Belam, and the Maritime museum (Vasco De Gamma has always been one of my heroes, and the museum is based in a former chapel where he was blessed before embarking on journeys).

It was still a adventure, so there were plenty of laughs, beers and good food.

Ill be doing a write up in the next couple of days, stay tuned.

Next on the bluelist, Israel.


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