I was invited to a corporate event at Speedkarting in Warrington.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to take part as I had injured my ankle, but I’ve been to Speedkarting on several occasions and driven on their smaller circuit, so I really wanted to see the full size one.

At one time, Speedkarting’s main circuit was the biggest in Europe.  It had loads of twists and turns and had elevated sections and chicanes.

It was run by Unitron (you may remember I went to their Christmas party last year and attended there Era launch with Concorde).

Everyone assembles outside the cafe for a group photo (although I wasn’t able to race, I got involved as much as possible).

The Karts were of the usual superb quality. Because of the relatively small number of participants, most people took part in 8 or 9 races.

It was invigorating to see the Karts fly around the course.

In the end, it was Chris Auty, Unitron’s UK managing director who came first in the race. My assistant Dan, actually came third, which brought much pride to the IT department.

Brilliant time had by all. Just want to say a quick thanks for Mel and everyone at Unitron for another brill event.

One thought on “Speedkarting.

  1. Hi John

    Hope you are well, you may remember me from going to the Pub with Martin a few years ago.

    I just wondered if you had any plans to put a video of your talk on 17th September online. I would have liked to have attended but i can’t because…..i am going to be walking the sandstone trail and staying in the camping barn that weekend. This is something that i was inspired to organise after reading your blog.

    I’ve continued to follow your exploits with interest and have even been inspired to also tentitively start my own – http://letsgoliving.blogspot.com . Despite living in Chester for some time i’ve learnt alot about the local area from your site and read up on places i’ve visited overseas on it. I didn’t know the Baker Way existed until reading about it here and i’m sure i’ll walk that someday.

    So keep up the good work, and get a video up of your talk if you can, i’m sure it will be very interesting.

    Best Wishes


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