Christmas arrives at the Sunter house.


Well this year, I’ve decided to give the house more of a Christmas feel.

I got this rather fetching tree, for only £2.85 at Wilkinson’s. The associated tinsel and baubles were a pound each to match it.

I found by positioning it in front of my X-Files “I want to believe” poster that I was able to use the saucer as a replacement for the traditional star on top of the tree.

I’m spending Christmas with my brother this year, it will be there first time I’ve been out of Chester on Christmas day, in about 9 years. If you’re free over New Year, I’ve invited a few mates over (sleeping facilities will be the floor). If any of you fancy it, your very welcome.

2 thoughts on “Christmas arrives at the Sunter house.

  1. Just reading about the Christmas tree and its U.F.O star. I think the line “I Want To Believe” reflects my attitude to Christianity and Christmas. “I want to believe…But it seems as plausible as aliens coming to Earth.”

  2. When you said you had a tree i expected a 6ft tree with all the decs. It must have taken you hours to put your decorations up ha ha

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