Christmas Day.

As you read this, I’m sat at my house, waiting to be picked up and spend Christmas with my brother. I spent last night just relaxing in my house (a house 18 months ago, I thought I was going to lose). I’ve got the whole of Christmas off, until the 3rd of Jan (something I’ve only done twice in the last decade).

In traditional Christmas spirit, I’ve spent time this week with my friends from work (Nick Barker, Tracie and the Warehouse crew), Sue and Brian from the CDWG and  Steve, Glenn and Dan.

Just like my mum used to, I prepared a sort of open buffet, which between them, they have completely eaten.

I put it out on my pine table, with the superb chairs, which were a gift from Glenn. I’ve also setup my train set on the table, so I can race it around.

Although half the train set was broken when it arrived from ebay, Id like to thank Jim from Model World, for assisting me in getting it ready for Christmas eve.

I spent last night relaxing, catching up on various TV (Dexter, Chuck and Fallen Skies) and had another go at Halo 3 (I’ve bought modern warefare 3, and it is a spectacular game, but to be honest, Halo will always be the only game for me (even though in fact, there are 3 “episodes” of it.

I got loads of presents this year, and pictured above, are some of the many cards I received. Spectacularly good news, is that Frank is home from Thailand, and we are meeting up in the English lounge at some point over Christmas.

In 2008 and 2009, Christmas was a very dark time for me. Christmas last year, was great, but I didn’t so much enjoy it, as have an overwhelming feeling that I could relax and things would ultimately return to normal. This year I feel like they finally have.

Id like to thank all of my friends for their support and kindness and making this an amazing year.

Next year is going to be even better, with loads of exciting things happening at work. I’m also returning fully (well as fully as I can) to the adventure fold, so if you know me through shared adventures, and haven’t heard from me in a while, your phone may be ringing in January.

Ill get going now, but Happy Christmas to everyone reading this.

The search for adventure continues… (I haven’t said that for a while 🙂


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