Munich mouthing.

Just got back from a superb weekend visit to Munich.

Obviously, a good time was had by all, but drinking a 1 litre Stein glass lead to an unexpected outcome.

My friend Dan, is a regular visitor to this website, and has serialized the events for your viewing pleasure.


4 thoughts on “Munich mouthing.

  1. Embarrassingly I had a few too many Steins, and had a bit of a go at Dan (I am Le Arse, as referred to in the dialogue).

    I appologised to Dan, and have setup the Sunter foundation to combat verbal abuse in pubs. Dan and Glenn are both trustee’s.

    I also thought the cartoon was superb, that’s why I put it up, even though it derided me !.

  2. Ok, it can be called that instead. We should organize an AGM at some point. Perhaps the Temple Bar or 15, the kind of pubs that epitomize these values 🙂

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