BMX trip down memory lane.

Weekend technically began on Thursday evening with a meal at Cafe Rouge with the walking group. Annoyingly, it was on the 24th of the month, so I hadn’t been paid. I had to raid the chocolate tin at work (we have an honesty box at work, for chocolate) to finance the evening, and then pay it back the following day.

A superb meal all the same. I don’t eat out as often as I used to, but its nice to be back doing it again.

On Saturday, I was going to do various things in the house, but I got a call from Amelia, who I haven’t seen in ages.

Her baby is 6 months old now, and she has moved house. We met in the park (it was a beautiful day) and then had a walk around and finished off with a few well deserved pints in the Smokehouse, the Lock keeper and the Mill.

While we were at the Lock Keeper dozens of people arrived riding BMX Bikes. I was surprised, as they were all my age. I read later there had been a rally in Wrexham where a famous bike frame designer had worked, and it was the 30th anniversary, and they had met up in Chester afterwards.

It was amazing, these were bikes from my teens, thirty years on, in pristine condition.

I was inspired, so on Sunday, I finally took my mountain bike out for a ride. Its one of those things that I always say ill do, but always seems to get pushed to the back of the list. I decided to pedal over to Glenn’s warehouse in Mickel Trafford. I had 2 cups of tea and a chat. Glenn was busy with admin, so I got from under his feet and pedalled home.

Afterwards, I went for a curry in the Gate of India. I’ve made a list of every curry house in the city, and I’m determined to try every one. Most places now, do either a curry buffet, or a curry banquet on Sunday afternoon/early evening. The buffet is better as you get to try loads of different things on the same plate.

The banquet is a set meal, but 3 courses for £7 is still an amazing bargain. As I sat down, someone came into the restaurant drunk. Abused the staff, and then stormed out. Twenty minutes later he returned, demanding his bag (which he had left by mistake) back.

I really felt sorry for the poor staff. They were only trying to make him welcome (lets be practical, in this economy only a happy customer comes back, and a quick buck, just doesn’t work any-more). I wasn’t sad to see him leave the restaurant. I couldn’t help thinking, whatever was on his mind, calming down, drinking a nice glass of wine and eating a delicious meal might have helped.

Back home, relax and prepare for Monday at work. Then it occurs to me. Something I’d read i a brilliant book called the pocket life coach.

It talks about making a list of minor niggles and things that get on your nerves. It reasons that the big problems or annoyances in your life will usually get sorted out, but the minor ones, you just put up with. These things steal your energy and you must list them, and work through the list.

As I sat in the house reflecting, I realised that I hate the ornamental lights in my living room. My house is lit by spot lights, mounted into the ceiling, but these annoying sort of mock caravan lights, grow out of the wall to compliment them. They provide no needed light, and are an eye sore.

Without another word, I reached for my toolbox and took them all down and covered them over (took about 2 hours) and then went back to watching tv. I swear I can feel increased energy in that room now, every time I walk into it.

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