Birthday Itinerary.

My Birthday Itinerary in Chester – Saturday the 5th of May 2012.


Well, only 7 days to go, before my birthday. I’m really looking forward to it this year.Loads of people are coming down, and the weather promises to be superb.

If you want to stay over, there are basically 3 options. Top end, the Mill Hotel, next to my house, which is lovely. Middle option, one of the B&B’s on Hoole Lane. Bottom option (but no less friendly) is my floor !.

Also, some of you have been asking what I’d like for a present, so I’ve taken the liberty of making up a list, which is taken from the treats section of this years Mindmap.

Socks Some of the old Auntie Marjorie favourites are badly needed.
Glasses I’ve replaced my wine glasses, but only have 3 tumblers. These would go great with the JD
Stool For my breakfast bar. Doesn’t have to be this one, something similar would be fine.
Jack Daniels Not being a spirits drinker by nature, I can make one of these last a whole year.
Hobo Handbook Guide to Bushcraft and living by your own rules.
Boot bag When walking I normally get a lift, and Tesco bags wear out.

I know some people (Steve) may think I’m being cheeky listing presents. Its not like that at all. I’ve had bad experiences buying things I thought were nice for family members, and later finding them in the loft unused.

The above list is just an attempt to avoid that, but far more important, is that my friends are around on my birthday and make merry !.

Now to the actual Itinerary:

Okay, we wont be travelling in any Barges, this is just a topical picture from a previous Birthday celebration.

The idea is to visit a few nice pubs in the historic city of Chester. There are 3 pubs and a warm-up to get us started. All of the pubs I’ve chosen do food, and I’ve even arranged for the pub were in around 5pm, to have a separate room, so those that wish, can watch the FA Cup.

If there is any confusion or anyone gets lost, just call my mobile and well work something out (number ends 617, if you don’t have it, send me an email).

upto 12:45 – The Mill hotel.

The actual event kicks off at 1pm, but between 12 lunchtime and then, ill be picking people up from the railway station and dropping them of at the Mill hotel. This should get things started, and if any of you are staying at my house and want to drop of bags etc, my house is next door.

1pm – The Lock Keeper

Previously the Frog & Nightingale, its been a favourite pub of mine for several years (you can read about it here). Its since been refurbed and inside, its one of the nicest pubs in the city (there are tables outside, if its really sunny !).

4pm – The Marlbororough arms

A painting mistake some years ago, lead the unusual name.  Very mellow pub, with wooden trastle tables and stools. Has a tv, for those wanting to watch the FA cup. Practically in the centre of town, and next door to Marks & Spencer, for those that need to nip out shopping.

6pm – Hickory’s

One of only a handful of authentic smoke barbecue restaurants in the country, it has a friendly bar, and views across the river Should be an ideal place to watch the sunset.

After this who knows. Perhaps we can go for a curry, and Dave L can get burned and we all eat for free 🙂

Last drink of the night, will probably be back at the Mill hotel.

Give me a shout if you have an questions, otherwise, see you all there.


One thought on “Birthday Itinerary.

  1. Hi John.
    Thank you to your list, you will receive 18 socks, 22 set of glasses and 100 litres of Jack Daniels!

    My gift will be a surprise!
    See you on Saturday

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