Big shout-out for accounts.

I’m the UK head of IT at my company. As such, our team report directly to the group financial controller, so we sit and work with the accounts department.

It has to be said that most people think of accounts as dull, and its not really seen as the “exciting” part of a business.

The truth is, most companies wouldn’t last 24 hours without someone to pay essential bills, chase debt and calculate the difference between money coming in the door and real profit.

Its year end at the moment, and just like many accounts departments across the country, Laura, Marie, Louise, Gill, Lisa & Phil are all run of their feet.

I just wanted them to know, that all the work they do is appreciated by everyone, even if they don’t say it.

In other news, Scottish auditor is back (who I’ve now found out is called Claire) and working hard with Tim.

Other auditor (who had superb posture and carried a laptop quite a lot) isn’t back this time, but has been replaced with Other auditor 2, who seems very nice.


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