Llangollen circuit

Out once again with the Chester and District walking group (during that very brief week of near perfect weather).

This time, we did a circular walk around Llangollen.

Aiden organised it. He arrived late, and then made everyone walk really fast to make up the time (which seemed unfair in some ways).

Anyhow, enough of my moaning, we hit the trail.

Initially, the weather was quit grim.

On the right of the picture, are Raymond from South Africa (who is wearing the Rohan jacket I lent him, Leather jackets aren’t ideal for hill walking) and Debora from Italy.

If your really nosey, the person on the left is Sue, who’s been with the club for years, and represents the “marine corps” of its membership.

After walking up hill for a while, we drop down a bit and from far off, we see the Pontcysyllte (god knows how you pronounce that) aqueduct we were heading for.

Forty minutes later, and were walking across the “duct”.

Although there’s a walk way on one side, on the other, there’s practically nothing. The water bellow is just deep enough to float a tin bath, and I couldn’t help thinking if you were in a canoe, and fell out, you’d drop 200 feet to the earth bellow.

We stop at the Trevor boat yard for lunch. Ive previously visited it, on my Birthday barge trip.

There is talk of a beer, but I decide against as we normally go for a pint at the end of the walk anyway.

One of the things I’m most proud of, is how 12 of us will drop into a small country pub (the kind that are struggling now) and buy 12 drinks. The delight on the landlords face, is a sight to behold (its not unknown for “closed” pubs to open just for us, when we knock on the window).

I finish my lunch early, have the last mouthful of Tea from my flask, and do some exploring.

Its been pointed out since I originaly posted this, that the word above has 2 meanings, and is spelt correctly. Please read the following with tongue firmly in cheek.

I see this sign:

Refuse Disposal – Don’t stand for it ?

Honestly. I cant spell particularly well, but before I arranged for a sign, I’d check the spelling first, and I’d like to think that the sign maker would check it as well :).

On a more serious note, some people say never admit your weaknesses and stuff like that.

I think the opposite. Work out what you are good at and focus on that.

With the things you aren’t good at, decide if you actually need those skills/knowledge or not.

If yes, get some help from someone that is good/knowledgeable.

If no, simply forget about them (I can’t snowboard, and its never cost me a moments sleep !).

The final leg of the journey, begins up hill, but the weather is with us.

We pass Dinas Bran castle on the hill overlooking Llangollen, and are rewarded with this amazing view of the valley bellow.

I’m starting to get a “wainwright’ien” love of Llangollen.

Another great day out on the hill and thanks to everyone who came. Most of all congratulations to Aiden, the best day walk I’ve done in months.

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