Music Train

Sometimes in life, ideas that sound feasible are actually quite terrible, when you get around to doing them (family camping, motorway cones helpline, the bay of pigs). One such idea I was involved with, was the Music Train.

The concept:

Genius navigator and stalwart of the walking group, Brian organised a social event on the “music train”. It all sounded pretty exciting. Its a normal train, and you buy a ticket. There is a band or bands on the train to entertain you, and when the train stops at its destination, you head for a pub, and the musicians come with you, and perform.

The reality:

I arrived at the station (Glenn came with me, as there was no actual walking involved in this activity) and we met up with Brian, Sue and Gaynor. I was surprised to see a friend from the Chester Globetrotters. As she was on her own, we invited her to join our little group.

If you buy 2 tickets together, you get a discount. Even with that, for a 40 minute journey, it seemed quite steep. Once boarded, I realised, that it wasn’t a quaint old train or anything, but one of the standard rickety things that I get to Delamere forest !.

The band started playing (The time bandits) . They tried really hard, but the acoustics in the train were terrible (and the train was diesel not electric, so very noisy). Also, I find folk music rather bland and repetitive. Finally, there was no bar, or anywhere to get a drink.

The journey felt very long, but eventually we arrived at Plumley. The representative from the local council, lead us to the pub, and immediately put on a hi-vis vest (health and safety dont you know).

Once in the pub (the Golden Pheasant), the music sounded a bit better, and we were able to order some food (a tenner for Beef and Ale pie, and it was really nice). The beer was £4.30 a pint, which was breathtaking (I don’t mean the taste of the beer, I mean the price).

After a pleasant evening, chatting to my friends, we leave, and join the train home.

The mood had picked up, as much ale had been consumed. We got chatting on the train, and things are ok.

But within minutes some ultra keen fans off folk decided to get up and start dancing. I have to say, its one of the most pitiful scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

Back home, and we pop into the Town Crier for a pint (the highlight of the evening).

In summary. I feel better for having tried it out, rather than just wondering, but apart from spending time with my friends, it was an expensive wast of an evening.

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