Unexpected post.

Mad busy at work the last couple of weeks, and away camping for a week, and stupidly left mobile phone at home. Therefore, sorry the website hasn’t been updated recently.

Message from Sir Chris Bonington.

If your anything like me, your post normally falls into 3 categories.

1. Free newspapers which go straight into recycling.

2. Bills (even though I repeatedly ask for them digitally).

3. Letters telling me that bills are about to go up !.

I got an envelope in the post the other day, that didn’t match any of the above 3.

Turns out,  after my amazing chance meeting with Sir Chris Bonington, Glenn actually emailed Sir Chris’s company and explained how much significance our meeting had held for me.  By illustration, he sent them a link to this website where they could read about it.

Inside the envelope, this fantastic photograph in the post with a hand written message from Sir Chris.

I have a poster from the ascent of the Ogre. Its signed by Doug Scott and Sir Chris Bonington. I always say, that if my house caught fire, once my fish and japanese plants were safe, its the only thing I’d carry out with me. Now that I have this, Ill need to keep an additional hand free, should that unlikely scenario happen 🙂

I haven’t found a frame worthy of it yet, in the meantime, I’ve taken a quick photo so you can have a look.

Other Stuff.

As well as the running blog which your reading now, your probably aware, that when I do trips away, I normally write them up into specific articles with a sort of checker board format of photo/words (you can see a sample one here).

You may have notices, that I haven’t done them for Lisbon, Munich, Tallinn or Helsinki. Paradoxically, the reason for this, is that I’ve been that busy going out walking and pursuing adventure, that I’ve had no time to do it. Julie should be a quiet month for me (I’m only away 2 weekends) so I should have them updated quite soon.

Its 5 years since the launch of the IPhone. Industry “experts” of the day were asked for their thoughts (for full disclosure, I was an IPhone sceptic for the first year they were out).

Found a website called Changeblog. I think its impressive and especially like the 24 daily habits.

Glenn found this fascinating website about motorbiking through Chernobyl.

Money saving expert downshift article should release some badly needed money for adventure.

Saw this video on BBC news about a couple who converted a bus into a flat.

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