Well, I’m sat in my house disappointed (plus I’m still reeling from Amy and Rory’s demise).

The cold I cant seem to shift, that cost me 2 days off work last week, has cost me a day out walking and the coveted trip on a steam train (I’ve been in helicopters, hovercraft and submarines but I’ve never been on a steam train and I really want to).

I bought an absolutely amazing Photo which I saw while visiting the Scott Polar Research Institute. Grotto in a berg  was originally taken in 1913.

It would have taken 3 people just to carry the equipment to take this picture.

On the subject of adventure, I’m about the book the accommodation for Israel in December, and I’ve booked my flight to Sophia in January (as things stand, I look set to visit 4 countries again next year as I did this one). Additional places I’m looking at, at the moment are Paris, Dubrovnik and Cyprus. Since the summer of hostelling and camping went so well, Ill be doing the same again next year.

IVC  (there’s no “the” at the beginning, as Sue was at pains to point out) had a do on Friday, and Glenn and I went along.

I don’t normally go for big party things like that, but this one was really good and it was great to see so many people there.

There were some of the original members from its first foundation 21 years ago, and Kay the chair who I met at Wild Boar Clough gave a short speech.

Only downside, was Carlsberg was the only lager they had, and after the first hour, flatulence became a problem.

Loads of people seemed to know me, but I had no idea who they were. There was one guy there who could make a good living as lead singer in an Ian Curtis tribute band. Other notable guests were Nikki’s argumentative friend and the diplomatic firebrand Alison, who leads a double life, on the blogsphere under the pen name of OB.

Sue gives us a lift home, and off to bed (I’ve re read this, and for clarity, neither Sue nor Glenn joined me in bed, just in case anyone was wondering).

In the morning, I get loads of things done in the house (its weird being at home again over a weekend, but the stress really disappears when I get all my jobs done.

On Saturday evening, it was Andy’s birthday. I don’t like to “wear the same clothes 2 days running”, so I took Dan this time and left Glenn in the wardrobe.

The idea was to have a few drinks around town, starting at the Bear and Billet. We also visited the Brewery Tap then finished off at the Commercial.

Andy is one of my favourite people at IVC (again with no “the). We hung out together at the Derwent water weekend. I was showing him and another guy how we could light a fire using a Norwegian fire lay. I decided that would make a good theme for a present, so I bought him a bushcraft style turboflame lighter.

Only a person who’s made fire from friction understands the real value of a lighter.

Dan buggered off talking to someone else, so I regaled Andy’s friends, with interesting facts about Chester (which I shamelessly robbed from the tour guides, when I did every one of Chester’s walking tours).

I met some of his friends. One guy was a lecturer from Oxford university. Turns out he’s a friend of Andrew Hodges, who writes about Alan Turing’s life and work. I wish I could have met him, after all, this website is dedicated to his memory.

When I got home, I realised that Andy had asked me to look after all his cards, as I had my trusty daysack. I’ve still got them, Ill have to get them back to him quick.

 I was a bit embarrassed the other day.

I was in town wandering around the shops, when a voice said John Sunter.

Turns out, it was George Lyndsay. The personal trainer I used when I was preparing for my season of alpine mountaineering. In just 7 weeks, I dropped down to less than 15 stone, and I could comfortably run 5 miles (that might not sound like much, but for me, it was a significant achievement.

I was so delighted, that on our last session before I headed for Geneva, I bought him a Swiss Army Knife as a thank you.

Well, things have change a bit now. I describe myself has being at the top end of pub fitness. Obviously I have changed my diet after last years excitement, but I’m not the lean guy I used to be, and although he was nice about it, I could see that George was wondering what had happened.

This year, loads of dreams and goals have become real, but fitness and weight loss are 2 that have evaded me. Meeting George in the street has kick-started me to get cracking. As soon as I get rid of this cold, I’m going to get out running.

Well, circumstances are different, now, and gym membership, let alone personal training is a project for future prosperous times (which will happen, no matter what anyone says).

1. When pursuing a goal, its absolutely essential to have a plan, and some way of tracking results. I’ve just bought a new super accurate set of scales, so I can measure that part of my progress

2. I’m using 2 apps on my IPhone.

Runkeeper, to work out my rout (it can do all sorts of clever stuff, but I’m just using it to map out a 4 mile circuit).

Get Running which tutors you through several session, until you can comfortably run 5k without stopping, running reasonably quickly.

I’ll put up my progress once I get started, and you can tell me what you think.

On the subject of health and fitness, the Countess of Chester hospital, are having an opening evening on Tuesday the 2nd of October. Since they took such good care of me last year, I’ve decided to go.

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